​How To Break It To Your Bros That You're Getting Married

Shiralie Chaturvedi 13/12/2017 05:14pm

Of all the things you ought to be nervous about, proposing to your girlfriend for marriage is right up there at its most potent, but if you ask us truly the other nerve wracking thing is telling your bros, your homies, your best friends that you are taking the plunge and no longer chilling with them in the singles zone. And one thing popular culture has told us, men more than women feel the pang of losing one of the pack to domesticity. So here is how you can minimize the shock by telling them right!


  • 1 Take them out drinking and just lay on the news to them. They will be too sloshed to really comprehend, and having their guards lose can only mean one thing, which is that they will be happy for you and even offer tears aplenty.

  • 2 Just take them on a group chat and post a picture with the going to be missus. Probably with her palm boasting of the ring you just proposed with perched upon your chest, so your bros really understand what exactly is being implied here. They will be so shocked, that they won’t actually process this and straight away go to the congratulations!

  • 3 Personally take them out for their personalized activity, if you feel that they might need some cushioning. Whether it is pool, or bowling, or a simple dinner, see which friend will appreciate what activity and ease them into the news. They will appreciate the candour and the gesture, and wish you all the best!

  • 4 Casually update your social media status and let them figure it out. We mean you can say it was impetuous and impulsive and you just wanted to surprise them. Chances are they will have a laugh and forgive you for telling the whole world and them at the same time.

  • 5 Propose to your girlfriend in front of them, so they are too busy planning the surprise rather than being surprised themselves. It will be sweet because they will think you understand them as an important part of your life, which they are, and why would they ever want to hog the limelight away from the girl who just got proposed!

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