7 Ways To Know He Is The One For You

Radhika Saini 14/12/2017 02:33pm

Falling in love with someone is the best feeling in the world. You feel like you are on top of the world and absolutely nothing can bring you down. But when it comes to choosing a life partner, it takes more than just love to make the relationship work. Mutual understanding, respect, and acceptance are key. What’s important is that you understand who is in it with you for the long run.


1.     He’s your best friend
Is he the first person you call when you need advice? Do you trust him with your deepest darkest secrets? Would he do anything to be there for you? Being best friends with the person you are in a relationship with increases chances of you sticking together through rough patches too. Passion alone won’t get you through troubled waters. You need something deeper, a true emotional connection, to sustain your relationship.

2.   You have shared values and life goals
Being on the same page about the future in areas like career aspirations, family life, etc. is a sign that there’s smooth sailing ahead. When you have openly discussed your commitment to achieving your goals together and what that looks like, it’s even better.

3.     You’re your best self with him
Do you feel more confident with him? Do you feel on top of the world? Does being by his side make you feel most comfortable? You will only want to marry someone who lifts you up and contributes to bringing out the best in you. He admires, respects, and supports you. Maybe he challenges you or pushes you in directions you wouldn’t consider on you own.


4.      The attraction is palpable 
The two of you are compatible on all levels; physically, emotionally and mentally. The chemistry between you is powerful enough to block everything else out. Even doing the littlest things together feels more special because he's around. The attraction is pervasive from the bedroom to the most platonic of places.

5.   You want to share every experience with him.
When you envision your future, he has a major role in it (and vice versa). When something happens in your life or you receive some news, you immediately want to share it with him first. From what he ate for lunch to what he's currently watching on television, you're interested in all that he does. And you're more inclined to do something if he's part of it. That's just what companionship is.

6.      The silence is comfortable.
Yes, it certainly is important to be able to talk to each other, about anything and everything, about things you may not talk to anyone about, or about the silliest daily incidents. Having said so, it is also important to be able to sit together in silence and enjoy each other’s presence. You need to be totally comfortable without exchanging words.


7    He respects you and vice versa
Love, trust, understanding are very important in a relationship, especially in the one heading towards marriage. But one thing that precedes them all truly is respect. Does he respect you, your values, your choices, your family and other things that you hold dear? And, do you see yourself respecting him and his family? Well ladies, if the answer is yes, then he is definitely is a keeper. 

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