7 Wedding Décor Ideas For Your Wedding That You Can’t Miss Out On

Shiralie Chaturvedi 27/12/2017 04:02pm

There is a reason weddings are so elaborate and so fanciful. It involves a lot of prep, and most of it is over the top. From the bride and groom’s clothes, to the food, to the guestlist –everything needs to be unique and perfect. Especially the décor. From massive Bollywood themes to expensive wedding planners, the décor has got to be super inspiring and super stunning! And we have tonnes of ideas for you guys to use at your wedding!


1. Ombre

The best way to incorporate multiple layers and colours without looking haphazard is by using ombre texture. Use variant of similar hues and give a monochromatic yet colourful look to your wedding attendees. 


2. Winning Colour

However if you do want to use one hero colour, use it wisely so it doesn’t become overbearing. Maybe you can use flowers of that colour on every vase, topped with a photo corner featuring the same; or perhaps you can use that colour for napkins, and then in an installation at the venue. It is all about heroing it with subtlety.


3. Intimate

If you dream of a wedding that features only your closest people, and one where you can just celebrate the big life step with some good food and merriment with your loved ones, nothing says that as better as a gorgeous dinner set-up. Use muted tones with some vintage lights and wild flowers to put together a close knitted mealtime!


4. Floating petals

This is super DIY, plus super gorgeous! Flowers are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful elements at a wedding, and all you got to do is use some petals floating in discs around the wedding venue!

5. Strung Lights

There is something about lights strung together that is inherently romantic, and beautiful. Plus they offer a kind of mysticism associated to something grand and royal. Subtle and romantic, this is your go-to dream wedding setting!


6. Artistic and Opulent

Facades and installations that are attractive is always a plus point, especially for beach weddings because of the appearance they give of overarching infinity. These usually form the mandap making the bride and groom object of everyone’s attention!


7. Pink and Orange 

This is the most wedding appropriate colour combination plus a classic! The hues are feminine and celebratory, and thus work well with the usual colour palette of the entire wedding theme!

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