8 Off-Beat Indian Honeymoon Destinations to Explore

Shiralie Chaturvedi 29/11/2017 12:20pm

Most newly married couples, in today's day and age of access and reach, want to visit exotic and unusual destinations for their honeymoon. For couples like these, we bring a list of 8 offbeat locations to spend every loving moment at.

  • 1. Tawang: Adventure and Fun in the North East

    For the adventure seeking, adrenaline junky couple, Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is a great destination. Visit monasteries, ride in helicopters, and have a total blash trekking and rafting! This is not the staycation you were avoiding, and it's a sure shot at being memorable.

  • 2. Hampi: Enjoy your Present with a Dash of History

    Hampi is a beautiful historical town in the state of Karnataka. Embarking upon a new journey can be made more special if it's at a place that is nestled in beautiful architecture and vibes of the past!

  • 3. McLeodganj: For Spiritual Togetherness

    This is the hipster hill station. Full of romantic little cafes, and cultural venues reflecting Buddhist and Tibetan motifs this is a beautiful and quaint place to start a lifetime of marital bliss!

  • 4. Kumarakom: Romantic Serenity

    Lush backwaters, greenery all around and an atmosphere that requires you to just relax. All of Kerala is like one big spa, and honestly after all that wedding drama who doesn't need an unlimited visit to a spa for a lot of couples' treatment?!

  • 5. Coorg: Live that Love in the Hills

    Karnataka really has her rare gems in place, right? In the cold, dewy hills of Coorg there is no reason one must be anything but romantic. The hilltop greens and the plantations make this location not only unusual but comforting and familiar

  • 6. Havelock Island, Andaman: Love Amidst Adventure

    It's always thrilling to share adventurous passions with someone you love and have vowed to spend the rest of your life with. In Havelock you can kickstart your relationship with an adrenaline high. Known to be one of the most sought after scuba diving in all of the country, its home to a magnificent variety of marine life! So much to view and do at this perfect island.

  • 7. Spiti, Himachal Pradesh: Snowcapped Bliss

    If you are looking for a winter wonderland for your honeymoon, look no further. Spiti is a quaint village nestled in the Himachali Mountains, with romantic views and beautiful orchards! Spiti also happens to rest at one of the highest altitudes in the world! Rumour also has it, that one can spot the endangered snow leopard roaming around town.

  • 8. Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep: Privacy by the Water

    Lakshadweep has always been that island we learnt of in our Social Science textbook as probably the less fancy version of Andaman and Nicobar Island. But this underdog, like all is quite the beautiful destination! The tiny Kadmat Island is truly exquisite and we aren't even glorifying the tiny bit. It is a kilometer long at its widest, and 200m at its shortest! The unique and quiet ambience can mirror any exclusive island around the world. And isn't that what a honeymoon is all about? Quiet comfort


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