Bollywood Characters We Are Likely To See In Indian Weddings

Radhika Saini 29/11/2017 03:42pm

You can put a spin on it but you cannot deny that Bollywood inspires Desi weddings. But the truth be told, Bollywood gets its inspiration from real life! Don’t believe us, the next time you go to a wedding, watch out for these characters that we guarantee you will spot.

  • 1. The Melodramatic Mother

    One will see glimpses of Reema Lagoo’s character as Mamta from the film “Hum Saath Saath Hain” in every bride and groom’s mother. She is likely to get emotional over each and everything happening around her. And she will definitely take every opportunity to shed a tear or two to express the way she feels. Lengthy, filmy dialogues are also a part of the daily routine for our melodramatic mother.

  • 2. The ‘Wanna-be Model’ Cousin

    In the crowd of a hundred people, you will easily spot that one cousin sister who looks like she wants to be a model. Prim and proper hair, latest fashion trends, 1K+ followers on Instagram, regular selfie uploads are the day-to-day activities of this cousin. This cousin is probably inspired by Alia Bhatt’s character (Shanaya) from “SOTY”. A Gucci purse in hand, an evening gown flowing behind her, two (or more) younger sisters as assistants, and she is good to go.

  • 3. The Critical Aunty

    This character is more often than not seen gossiping with other similar characters, criticising the way the food tastes, how gaudy the decorations are, how hot and humid the weather is, how the bride and groom aren’t really colour-coordinated. Basically, this aunty plays the role of Sushma Seth as Laajo Aunty from “Kal Ho Na Ho”. She dislikes almost everything about the wedding and is ever-ready with ideas to make the wedding better

  • 4. The Foodie

    Every wedding, without fail, has a couple of people who attend the ceremonies only to eventually be able to hog on all the food. Like Rancho, Raju and Farhan from “3 Idiots”, these people are least bothered about what is happening, or even who the bride and groom are. The only point of interest for them is whether the food is ready or not.

  • 5. The Singer

    Weddings also witness at least one talented relative who is always prepared with a bunch of songs perfect for every occasion. Almost like Ranbir Kapoor’s character (Janardan) from “Rockstar”, this relative does not need any cue to start singing, but does so when he/she thinks the occasion will become perfect with his/her ‘melodious’ voice.

  • 6. The Dancer

    A super excited uncle, who cannot contain his happiness, and is itching to shake a leg to almost any kind of music, cannot be left out from this list. He is like a mix of Tiger Shroff (Munna Michael) and Mithun Chakraborty (Disco Dancer). Unaware of how uncomfortable he might be making the people around him, he continues to dance, all the while thinking he is as amazing as Tiger in all his glory, with his Mithun Da moves.

  • 6. The Love Birds

    Like Bombs and Rotlu from “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, a newly-wed couple can always be spotted in the wedding. Holding hands, eating from the same plate, dancing together, talking about their honeymoon and never being short on advice on how to make a marriage a success; there is no stopping them.

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