Games You Can Organize For A Kickass Bachelorette Party

Radhika Saini 29/11/2017 03:25pm

There are three ways to go about your best friend’s bachelorette party. First, book a private room in a club, dress up, get your cocktail and swing to a DJ’s beats. Second, plan a destination getaway with the gang of girls. Third, dress up your own home, get your entire gang of friends together and plan a fun and games evening, keeping the bride’s favourites in mind. In fact, if you are the elaborate and ambitious type of bestie, you can combine options two (destination getaway) and three (fun games). Here’s our list of bachelotte party games, to keep everyone glued and in splits.

  • 1. Pin The Kiss on Ranbir Kapoor

    This is a fun take on the classic childhood game of pin the tail on the donkey. It goes by the same rules, except that the donkey is replaced by a celebrity’s face and the tail by kiss stickers. Step one is finding out who the bride-to-be’s celebrity crush is and printing a huge picture of him. Step two is making some ‘smooch stickers’ or getting them printed. And you are good to go!

  • 2. The Groom Quiz

    This is a classic bachelorette game. Test the bride on how well she knows her future hubby. Make sure you have done your research by getting the answers from the groom. Simple questions like his favourite colour, name of his first pet, food allergies he has etc are perfect. CAUTION: Don’t get too personal you don’t want an uncomfortable situation. At the party, read the questions out loud and have the bride call speak out what she thinks are the correct answers. Not only does this game work as an ice-breaker, but everyone at the party ends up getting to know the bride and groom a little better.

  • 3. Kiss The Miss Goodbye

    This game doubles up as a keepsake for the bride-to-be. All you need to do is buy a framed-canvas of your choice. Blindfold the bride and ask everyone present at the party to kiss the canvas (remember to use the same lipstick). Take the blindfold off from the bride’s eyes and ask her to identify which lipstick mark belongs to whom. Once the game is over, everyone can personalise it with a handwritten message to the bride and sign it. And just like that she has a souvenir to keep.

  • 4. Put A Ring On It

    Set up some bottles (like decorated/painted wine bottles) on a table and throw some large rings, trying to “ring” as many bottles as possible in a limited amount of time. The lady with the most number of rings around the bottle wins. Feel free to play Beyonce’s “Put a ring on it” in the background.

  • 5. How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?

    A different take on the “Groom Quiz”, here the attendees of the party answer questions about the bride. The one with the most correct answer wins. Feel free to grab an extra glass of wine, if you’re the winner!

  • 6. Bachelorette Party Photo Booth

    Setting up a photo booth with quirky props and a pretty background is a fun addition to the party. Strike a pose with the gang and get some Instagram worthy pictures before heading out to the club.

  • 7. Drink If

    All you have to do is have the bride draw out personalized cards from a stack. You need to pre plan and write down instructions on these cards. For example, if a card reads “wearing a blue dress”, all girls wearing a blue dress at the party will take a sip of their drinks. Similarly if the card reads “is 5 feet 6 inches tall” all the girls at that height will take a swig. It’s an easy and fun game to play and even more fun to plan!

  • 8. Locked Lips

    Don’t stress already! This game has nothing to do with kissing. Hand each of the girls a plastic ring as they arrive for the party and inform them that if they want to keep it, they will have to refrain from using certain chosen words. "Wedding" and "bride” are popular choices, since people are more likely to talk about these topics. Last one standing with the ring, gets a prize.

  • 9. He Says/She Says

    Ask the bride and groom their thoughts on subjects such as love, marriage, etc. and note down a few funny / random quotes from them. Put these down on a sheet and have guests guess who the quotes belong to. Provide three options alongside the quote: bride, groom or both. The correct option must be circled. To add an element of fun and some challenge instead of a circle, make the guests draw a mustache- symbolizing the groom and lips- symbolizing the bride!

  • 10. Wedding Movie Charades

    It’s basically dumb charades but with a twist. You only play with wedding movie names. You will need to research and prepare a list and that’s the challenging party for you as the organizer. Since wedding movies are limited and hence easy to guess, give the participating guests and their team just 30 seconds to act and guess.


Use any of these games to keep everyone engrossed but the key to keeping it enjoyable is to keep the games short, the rules easy to understand and follow, and ensure everyone gets to participate. Have fun!

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