Grooming Kit Essentials for Men

Radhika Saini 21/02/2018 06:06pm
Long gone are the days when grooming was thought to be just a woman's thing. While the bride-to-be indulges in all sorts of self-care treatments like hair spas, facials, massages, etc., the groom shouldn’t be left out when it comes to preening himself. Here’s a list of men's grooming products that will make any groom, wedding ready and reasons as to why you absolutely need them. Grooms-to-be, take note!

1.Hairstyling products
Every man is a sucker for hairstyles that would make him look different yet smart. However, while styling your hair, make sure you opt for the right hairstyling product. A few must-haves in your grooming kit should be hair products like:
  • Hair wax does a great job for both, creating a messy look or holding the hair down neatly, 
  • Pomade not only gives your hair the ability to be in shape throughout the day, it can be used for most hairstyles like quiffs, pompadours, and slicked back hair,
  • Hair cream gives out a nice balance between shine, hair separation, and substance. It works as a great pre-styling product,
  • Serum consistently provides a high level of shine, reduces frizz and imparts more silkiness to your hair.

2. Shower gel
The good old bathing bar can never give you the luxurious feeling the way a shower gel can. But there are several more reasons why you should include it in the grooming kit.
  • Shower gels have a more potent formulation in terms of combining essential oils, fragrances and vitamins.
  • They are usually more sanitary because they are packaged in such a way that it cannot be penetrated.
  • Aroma-therapeutic shower gels are enriched with special, floral, effervescent compounds that cannot be packed into soaps.
  • Shower gels are hassle-free in the sense that they are restricted within their tube-like packaging and are immune to moisture issues. Further, it is easier to squeeze-out a more measured amount of gel.

3. Trimmer
You need a trimmer not only to keep your moustache or beard well-trimmed, but to keep your body hair in check too. New-age hair trimmers fit most varied grooming needs. No matter your priorities—shaving, tackling body hair, or fading your beard neckline—there's an electric shaver that does it well. Get a sturdy hair trimmer in your grooming kit and ease yourself out of your hairy zones.

4.Shaving kit
This doesn't even need a justification. Having your own shaving kit will save you a lot of time that you waste in frequenting the salon. Indulge in a salon like experience right at home with these shaving kit essentials:
  • Pre-shave balm: While pre-shave products aren’t in every shaving kit, men with super sensitive skin should look into these products. These balms are mostly in oil or cream forms.
  • Shaving brush: Next, you need your shaving brush. You should to be aware of whether or not the shaving brush you want is made with artificial or natural hair. Also, try out a variety of brushes until you get a feel for the one you like.
  • Lathering product: Your shaving kit without fail should have a lathering product. Again, you’ll have to try out a bunch of different lathering products before you figure out what works best for you.
  • Shaving razors: First off, there are three main razors you should be aware of: safety razors, straight razors, and cartridge razors. Each of these razors offers different benefits depending on your skill level and what you want out of a shave.
If you’re just starting out shaving, it might be good to look into shaving kits with high-quality cartridge razors. Both straight razors and safety razors require you to take more time and care with your shave, but it also makes the shaving experience more soothing and rewarding.
  • After shave: It’s always important to use a little bit of aftershave when you’re finished with your shave. What after-shave you should use, depends on your skin type. There are aftershaves with alcohol, without alcohol, some in liquid form and some in cream form as well.

5.Face wash
Your face is more precious and sensitive than your body which is why it needs more sensitive products. A face wash is different from bar soap because it uses gentle liquid cleansing ingredients. Before buying one, make sure you pick a face wash that removes impurities, but not the natural soft emollients the skin has or that it over dries the skin.


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