Honeymoon Wear For The Newlyweds

Radhika Saini 16/01/2018 04:35pm

Honeymoons are not just any other vacation. It is that one holiday, where you will spend all your time with your beloved, on a carefully planned itinerary chalked out to make this trip unforgettable. So when you pack, make sure you keep in mind all the plans you have (like a date night) and destinations you might visit (like the beach or the safari). Here’s our ready to use look guide to help you pack for every event in style.


1. The Airport/ Traveller Look

An often overlooked outfit is what you wear whilst traveling. Comfort takes top priority here and it’s certainly possible to look good while at it.


MEN: Men can stay relaxed in streetwear essentials like joggers, hi top trainers and an easy to carry backpack to keep your boarding pass, passport and other documents. You can also opt for shorts. They are the ultimate casual comfort wear. Pick slightly dressier shorts in fabrics like cotton and linens and you are good to go.


WOMEN: Besides joggers and shorts, women can also go for comfortable jeans that are loosely fitted and soft to the touch. The idea is these should be as easy as your yoga pants. Pair these with a comfortable t-shirt and you are ready for the long haul.


2. The Casual Look

A minimalistic yet premium approach to style is the best way to be when on the move and the casual chic look is exactly this. 


MEN: Keep a pack of polos and tees handy and alternate them according to the plans you have for the day.



WOMEN: Rock a boho-chic look with a maxi dress that is perfect when going sightseeing.


3.       The Beach Look

If one of the activities during your honeymoon travels is to bathe in the sun and take a dip in the ocean (or even a pool for that matter), here’s what you need.


MEN: Definitely take a new pair of swimming trunks. Even if you don’t like swimming, you wouldn’t want to miss hanging out in the pool with bae. After the beach session, change into a vest, a pair of printed shorts and flip flops to stay relaxed and comfortable.

WOMEN: It can be tough to find a swimsuit that is both figure-flattering and honeymoon-worthy. But you have a variety of styles to choose from like a one-piece, bandeau bikini, tankini, high-waist suits and more. Pack a wrap dress or an oversized long shirt or a caftan as a cover-up, for the time you will spend outside the pool.  

3. The Sophisticated Look

MEN: Shorts can be sophisticated too. Pack pairs that look sharp and that can be teamed up with linen shirts for the casual yet spiffy look. Try to experiment with colours and patterns while at it.


WOMEN: Pair a trendy jacket with a scarf or a stole for a day out in the city.


4. The Formal Look

How can a honeymoon be complete without a romantic candle-lit dinner at a fine-dining restaurant? Dress your best for dinner with your love.


MEN: Two words- “Suit up”. Wear a classy blazer or semi-formal jacket and trousers for the evening. A navy or black blazer is a safe bet and stylish too. Besides it is good for almost any occasion. Team this up with a pair of derby shoes and you will look edgy!

WOMEN: Wear a luxurious, elegant dress or a gown for your dinner date with the hubby. Accessorize it with minimal jewelry and your most stylish pair of shoes; sandals or pumps. 

5. Footwear

MEN: Pack a pair of each: Flip-flops, sneakers and derby shoes. They’ll be more than enough to match with every outfit you plan to wear throughout your vacation.


WOMEN: It’s the same for the ladies- a pair of sneakers, flip-flops are a must. The derby equivalent in your case is stylish sandals or pumps that are perfect and classic for dinner dates (& more formal occasions).

 So that’s our pack- list to help you look good, feel good and have the best time on your honeymoon.


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