How to be the Best Bridesmaid Ever

Radhika Saini & Sharon Pinto 29/11/2017 03:34pm

A Bride will always choose someone she adores and trusts infinitely, to be her bridesmaid. This is a position of honour and responsibilities. It’s not just about being colour-coordinated and looking drop-dead gorgeous on the wedding but about things you do through the course of the affair. Here’s the full list.

  • 1. Planning the bachelorette party

    Get together with all the other bridesmaids and plan an unforgettable bachelorette for your friend. From what to do, where to go, making reservations, deciding the menu and sharing responsibilities, there is much to be done. But the hard work always pays off when you see how thrilled your best friend is, as she takes in all your efforts to make her bachelorette special.

  • 2. Shopping with and for the bride

    An extremely important part of being a bridesmaid is to make sure the bride’s fashion needs are sorted. So from helping her select her wedding outfit to which shoes and jewellery would match the look, to her trousseau, it’s all part of your to do list.

  • 3. Attending all events

    Indian weddings are loaded with several functions such as the haldi, mehendi, sangeet, reception, vidai. You should do your absolute best to be a part of all these events as a bridesmaid. Not only will this make the bride happy, but it’ll also act as a stress buster for her, thus cementing your bond as best friends.

  • 4. Be the bride’s sounding board

    As a bridesmaid, you should be available to the bride as advice giver and audience. Whether it is nerves before the wedding, problems with the wedding dress, or conflicts with the family members, make sure you are always there to help her out in stressful times.

  • 5. Take care of things at the reception, while enjoying yourself

    Making sure that all guests are well seated, the food and cake come in at the right time, or that the couple is comfortable are things to look into. But despite being the organizer don’t forget to have fun because your friend wants to see you have a good time too! Making sure the dance floor is never vacant is your biggest responsibility!

  • 6. Set up a surprise for her along with her groom

    This one is optional, but it’ll definitely make the bride’s day. Get in touch with the groom and coordinate a personalized surprise from the two of you. Whether it is a video or a skit or a song and dance performance anything put up by her two best people, she will love.


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