8 Pre-wedding beauty tips

Radhika Saini 29/11/2017 02:51pm

After you’ve set the date, months are spent on planning locations, decorations, invitation lists, caterers, event schedules and the outfits. With so much on hand how does one look after themselves? You don’t want to be the bride with dead looking hair and skin OR the groom with a paunch and dark circles. Here’s our beauty and wellness ideas that will ensure look like a million bucks on your big day!


    You are what you eat and for 6 months before your wedding when the stress is at a peak, don’t be surprised if you have increased your intake of sweets and spicy processed and fried foods. They are comforting for sure but at the cost of gaining inches, kilos and acne. Instead invest in a cook and get the following packed for your day.

    • Lime juice with Stevia and a pinch of rock salt.
    • Semi cooked sprouts with a mint and coriander chutney
    • Chicken patties or strips coated with homemade pizza sauces and wrapped in bread.

    A combination of antioxidants, minerals and good carbs and proteins will sustain your high energy requirements while ensuring you have healthy and glowing skin. Remember one size doesn’t necessarily fit all, so meet a dietician for an added advantage.

  • 2. Facial and Hair Spa

    We’ve addressed how to keep your insides happy, so let’s move to the outside. Skin and hair treatments sought a month before the wedding will not be as effective as those done 6 months prior. Visit a hair spa at least once a month for healthy and shiny looking hair. Seek a dermatologist’s advice well in advance to reap the benefits of medical skin treatments. And if chemical treatments are not your thing, there are homemade remedies in plenty for shiny hair and skin. Treat yourself to regular body massages to break down knots and muscle spasms.

  • 3. Whiten Your Teeth

    For a pearly white smile in all your wedding pictures, use whitening strips and toothpastes with whitening ingredients (after consulting your dentist). For faster results, your dentist can do the job professionally. However if your gums and teeth are prone to sensitivity, professional whitening is not the best option as it can wear down your enamel and increase irritation.

  • 4. Gym and meditation

    Avoid crash dieting or an aggressive gym schedule right before the wedding, at all costs! Not only will it make you look and feel really tired but the results won’t stay for too long. Start working out at least six months prior to the wedding to achieve effective weight loss. If you wish to, you can also consult a dietician and a personal trainer. If the gym is not your cup of tea, there are numerous other options like Zumba, power yoga, dancing, jogging, walking etc. An effective way to reduce stress and making some me time for you is by meditating for at least 15 minutes a day. Try and think positive & happy thoughts. You will definitely feel calmer.

  • 5. Hair Removal

    Keep yourself well groomed. This applies equally to the bride and the groom. Men, make sure you don’t get a haircut or a change in your beard style right before the wedding. Your hair takes time to settle into the cut and you need to give it at least a week. Ladies, if you intend to shape your eyebrows do so at least 4 days in advance to allow the bruising to settle. Choose a haircut that suits your face structure and works well with the hairstyles you wish to have on your big day.

  • 6. Follow a skin care regimen

    Even if you have been ignoring a proper skin care regimen all these days, it’s time to stick to one. It should include a mild cleanser, toner followed by the moisturizer. Hydrating and moisturising the skin is the key to being the glowing bride. Exfoliation is one of the best ways of getting skin that is free from dead cells and black heads. Make sure that you exfoliate your skin well before the wedding as the tendency to redness from it, is high.

  • 7. Take care of the feet and hands

    Feet and hands can be the most ignored parts of your body. Show them some love and get a professional pedicure & manicure done. Massage a mix of olive and almond oil into them, daily, before going to the bed. Believe us, your hands and feet do not skip the eyes of a discerning guest!

  • 8. Sleep

    Sleep is an absolute necessity before the wedding. Lack of sleep can make you groggy and give you dark circles or under eye bags. Sleeping for a minimum of 6 hours and maximum of 8 hours a day is a must. We doubt you have the time to over sleep and even if you can, don’t! It will make you sluggish!


You’ve heard it before but a reminder is always useful. For the best beauty results, start well in advance! Good luck!

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