Tips For Packing For Honeymoon

Radhika Saini 25/01/2018 03:10pm

While it is very thrilling to think of boarding that flight to a faraway land and spending the coming days with your hubby/wifey, when it comes down to thinking about it practically, all the preparations for the honeymoon can be a task. How do you pack for all those relaxing days at the beach, long days on safari, or for the extremely chilly winters in Europe? Not to mention, you need to pack all the essentials all the while keeping in mind that you pack light. Here are some tips and suggestions that might come in handy.

1. Make a packing list

In order to ensure you don’t forget any important items, you should make a list of everything you plan to take on your honeymoon. The list will help you organize your belongings and you can check things off as you pack them. Start your packing list at least one week before your scheduled departure. If your honeymoon plans have you leaving right on the heels of your wedding, the last thing you want is to be packing frantically and rushing out the door. 

2. Photocopies of passports, IDs, and credit cards

If you are traveling internationally you will need to have your passport and other travel documents, such as tickets for flights, hotel confirmation, and rental car information. You should also have your health card, credit cards, and travel insurance information. Print out two copies of each. Bring one with you and leave the other behind. If you ever lose your wallet, purse, or have any essential items stolen, you’ll still be equipped with the information you need to get replacements. 

3. Carry a Medicine Bag

Of course, make sure to bring enough of whatever prescription medicine you need and check with a doctor before traveling to a foreign country if you need something special. Whether or not you're traveling some place exotic, if you're gone for a long period of time you're going to want to be prepared for anything. Basics include anti-diarrheal medication, decongestant, anti-motion sickness medication, pain/fever reducer, hand sanitizer, and Band-Aids.

4. Packing electronics

As much as you're going to want to disconnect from the world, everything still needs to be charged. You'll want to make sure you have a universal adapter, charging chord for your cell phone, a good camera, batteries or charger for that camera, an iPad with books and movies downloaded, and headphones.

5. Utilize a backpack or daypack 

Ideal for day trip activities such as city walking tours and hiking treks, a backpack conveniently stores hefty items like cameras, chargers, and water bottles. Meanwhile, you can keep other important documents with you at all times like confirmations, itineraries, and reservations.

6. Carry plastic bags, Ziplocs & water bottles 

You’ll find these especially practical for toiletry items (to prevent spills) and storing dirty clothes. You can also pack all of your clothes in clear plastic bags and then divide them by item, such as shirts, underwear, or shorts. This really helps keep things organized and maximizes space. Stay hydrated throughout your trip via reusable water bottles. 

7. Pack Clothes With Layers in Mind

Your trip destination will determine the type of clothing you need to pack for your honeymoon. Consider the weather and activities you plan on doing, to help pack appropriate clothing. It can also be helpful to pre-plan outfits, to avoid over packing. A good rule of thumb is to have three tops for every pair of pants and keep the pants basic colors (black, green, etc.) so it's easier to make an outfit. 

8. Limit the number of shoes you carry

Shoes are bulky and take up a lot of room in your luggage. Try to cut down on the number of shoes you take, by packing shoes that work with lots of different outfits and activities. Limit yourself to no more than three pairs of shoes. Wear your sneakers/walking shoes while you travel then pack two pairs of other shoes—one casual and one formal. 

9. Carrying the essentials

Invest in travel-sized items of the following: toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, disposable razor, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bug spray, and face wash. Having these few things will make you feel human and comfortable after a long day of exploring.

In addition, pack a full-size bottle of sunscreen, but limit your makeup selection. 

10. Separation is Key

You will want to arrange the contents of your bag strategically not only to maximize space, but also to keep things as clean and wrinkle-free as possible. Every bag is different, but here are some good rules of thumb:

Put heavy items like shoes at the bottom of your bag.

Get packing cubes. The main purpose of these is to organize your shoes, wet clothes, and dirty clothes.

Use interior side pockets for toiletries/medicine and underwear. Otherwise have separate bags for those items as well.

Keep small and malleable objects like belts on the perimeter.

11. Don't Forget the Lingerie

It is your honeymoon after all, so you're not going to want to forget a few unmentionables. These delicate items should have their own separate bag to keep from getting snagged or tossed around. You're not going to want to go overboard with these delicates, but certainly make some room for two to three special items. These could include a formal outfit to wear to a nice dinner, such as a dress or suit, new lingerie, sleepwear, or bath robes, massage oils or lubricants.











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