Top 6 Reasons Why The Groom's Best Buds Are Excited For The Wedding

NDTV Good Times 29/11/2017 12:05pm

We often forget the groom, don't we? Except when it's time for the varmala - or the joota chipai. The weddings are, due to no particular reason, usually around the bride! Now no one is really complaining but between all the mehendi rituals, sangeet dances, their stunning ensembles, the groom is bound to seek some exclusive attention ! So if you are a baraati, make sure you make it special for the dulha too! We mean aside from the special event that his marriage is!

  • 1. Dance literally like no one's watching

    You know it's not only the ladies who enjoy their thumkas or the sangeet. If you are the groom's best friend or brother, host a boys' dance off as a pre-wedding celebration and unleash your Govinda and Rajnikanth moves on the dance floor. Pick a song you have danced together in college, or in school. So maybe the finesse won't be on point, but the fun definitely will!

  • 2. Organize a childhood game

    Everyone's fondest childhood memories include some pranks, crazy games, and so much unadulterated fun! These were probably one of your favourite times together, and what better way to recreate it a few days in advance, leading up to the wedding! Maybe have the groom version of mehendi, with a tournament amongst yourselves of your favourite game.

  • 3. Coordinate those Outfits

    Every bachelorette trip picture that we see has the quintessential picture of bridesmaids sporting an embossed sweatshirts with the letters BRIDE. Why not take a cue from the ladies, and do something similar? Wear matching ties, coordinated fun cuff-links, etc to make him feel like the leader of his supportive pack!

  • 4. Bachelor's Party

    Okay, so we don't endorse the cliche; of doing a bar crawl and endlessly hopping from one fun place to another, because at the end of the day you all might just end up being tired and super drunk! Instead, gather your entire group, drive up to your favourite spot in the city and enjoy some merriment with drinks, greasy food, and tons of laughter. If you have already planned on a bachelor's trip, do our version closer to the wedding to just let lose off all the wedding related tension and concern.

  • 5. The Best- Man Speech

    We have observed Indian weddings borrowing from western traditions, and this falls right under that. All the amazing memories you have had with the groom, all the hits and the misses, these can be developed into a great speech. Funny and a little mean, sentimental and a little sweet, this speech can very well be the highlight of not only your friendship but also the event. Brownie points if you disclose some cute little anecdotes from his courtship with new bride!

  • 6. Teasing your main man

    Stereotypically men are the ones closeted about their emotions, or so movies make us believe. But here in this setting, it's his wedding, no matter how much he resists he can't keep his mush in check, and he can't definitely stop gushing about how excited he is to marry the love of his life. Well, that's your cue for endless jokes and lots of nudge-nudge wink-wink!


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